What Does the Alternator Do?

Your alternator is what charges the battery, and powers your vehicle with electricity while driving. It seems pretty important, right? It is. Your car will stop running soon after the alternator fails, after having drained all existing the power from the battery. So what are some signs that you have a failing alternator?

Dash Lights Go Out/Warning Lamp On Dash

When your alternator starts to fail you may see lights flash sporadically on the dash, and most probably you will find the instrument cluster stops working. There is a warning light that usually will look like a battery, or say something like "ALT" or "GEN."

Note: Remember that the alternator is a belt-driven power generator, so if your belt is loose, the alternator will appear to be malfunctioning. If you are having any of these problems, don't hesitate to bring your car to State College Used Cars, where we can give you a full diagnosis of what's going on.



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