Factors of the LATCH Evaluations

Vehicles have to be tested for safety when it comes to the driver and passengers of all ages. Therefore, among the things that have to be tested in the vehicle is the LATCH system. Fortunately, there are professionals that are going to be able to look at the factors and provide the evaluation.

Among the many factors that are tested in the LATCH, there is the location of the LATCH anchors, which has a lot of influence on how easy it would be to install your child's seat. The location of the tether anchor serves a key role here. One place that they shouldn't be is at the bottom of the seatback.

Another factor that is looked at is the clearance angle of the LATCH. The angle will be tested in order to see if it is greater or lower than 54 degrees. If it is greater, then it is going to be an easy thing to work around.



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