What's the Best First Car for a Teen?

Deciding on the first car for a teen driver is an important decision. You want the car to be mechanically reliable so that it won't cause problems for your teen. You also want your teen's first car to be safe. State College Used Cars wants you to purchase the safest vehicle possible for your teen. The IIHS has issued some tips for buying a safe vehicle for teen drivers.

The IIHS recommends that teen drivers avoid vehicles with a lot of engine power. This will help them to avoid the temptation to drive fast. It is also important that teens have a heavier car instead of a light car. A heavier vehicle will stand up better in the event of a collision.

The IIHS also recommends that teens drive a vehicle with electronic stability control. This feature helps with traction and handling in slick and slippery situations such as driving on snow-covered roads.



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