Controlling Pet Hair in Your Car

Don't let the fear of pet hair keep you from enjoying the company of your dog or cat in your car. Use a waterproof, pet-friendly seat cover to keep both stains and fur at bay where they are sitting. You can also keep them inside their carriers, which will keep them safely contained for the journey. Brush your pet to rid them of unwanted fur right before you leave.

To get rid of fur already on your seats, give them a thorough vacuuming with a pet fur attachment. For the hairs that remain, you can try using the same lint roller that you would use on your favorite sweater. To get the truly stubborn hairs, try donning rubber gloves and misting your seats with water. Rub the surface of the seat thoroughly to loosen up the most resistant hairs. As you rub, you'll create small clumps of fur, which you can easily pick up and dispose.



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