Effects of Winter on Your Car's Battery

Your car battery can be impacted from hot weather just as it can from cold weather. In the winter, you might notice that your car is harder to start. Extreme cold temperatures can sometimes cause your battery to essentially freeze. If possible, cover the hood of your vehicle to provide some kind of warmth so that you're not starting your car when it's extremely cold.

On the other hand, the heat from the summer months can drain your battery because of the higher temperatures. You're using the air conditioner in your car or the fan to try to keep the inside of the vehicle cooler while you're driving. Try to keep your vehicle in a cool location as much as possible by parking under a tree that provides shade or parking under a carport.

Keep the posts and the cables on the battery as clean as you can. This will provide a strong connection and a strong charge so that it's easier for the vehicle to start each time you get inside. State College Used Cars can check your battery to determine if it needs to be replaced.



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