Advanced Technology Make Winter Tires Safer

Snow, sleet and ice can wreak havoc on your daily commute into work. Driving in these conditions with young children or older adults can add an extra level of stress to your day. Consider changing out your tires to ones designed especially for winter weather to help you feel more confident in your daily travels.

Today's modern tires are much more advanced than tires of yesteryear. First, the rubber compounding has changed so that tires can remain more flexible in extreme temperatures, which improve their traction. Second, the best winter tires will have deep treads, specially designed to disperse accumulating or melting snow more effectively. And, finally, today's tread patterns include sipes, which are tiny biting edges that provide better stopping, slowing down and speeding up capabilities.

Learn more about advanced tire technology at State College Used Cars, where you can have your tires inspected and replaced before the rough weather commences.



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