What to Do About a Windshield Chip

If you are considering purchasing a car from us, you need to know that we here at State College Used Cars desire to educate you on as many things as possible. This would include your repair options if you get a windshield chip. Here are some factors to consider.

A windshield chip repair is often a cheaper alternative to a total windshield repair. The technicians at will insert a resin into the chip to make it bond to the glass and significantly decrease the chances it will develop into a full crack. A windshield chip repair will strengthen the glass in the chip. It’s important to note that a chip repair will not totally repair the glass, but it will strengthen the glass. The chip might even still be visible, just less noticeable.

A chip repair is often fast and inexpensive. Finally, keep in mind that a chip repair will often only take 30 minutes to complete and often will cost under $100. Do you have a chip on your windshield? If so, contact us today and we can let you know if chip repair could be an option for you!



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