Traffic Laws Sometimes Expect You to Merge for Safety

Smart drivers know the road's rules. We recently learned that seven in 10 drivers unaware of Move Over Laws. Today's blog article from State College Used Cars can help you understand these laws.

Whether you are driving in our state or another jurisdiction in the United States, a Move Over Law applies. While each state wrote its own, they all provide that you must move over when you approach traffic stops, breakdowns and similar occurrences beside roadways. Doing so creates an open lane and gives people involved in roadside situations more room to safely operate. If you do not have space to move into another lane, you must significantly reduce your speed. Also, many states expect you to let a motorist into your lane to help them comply.

When you observe Move Over Laws, you make every motorist on the road with you safer. Of course, ignorance of laws is no excuse, so educate yourself about related laws wherever you drive.



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